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Sunday, January 03, 2010

After much contemplation (fine, I contemplated for half a day!), I've decided to move this blog to another address.

So starting from today, I'll be moving to this new address:

And you guys are more than welcome to join me in my transition from the old blog to the new one. =D

Don't worry. I'll export everything from this blog to the new one. =) But I just felt like it was time for a name change after more than three years.

So see you guys there! =D

Love loads!!!

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My 2009.  

Thursday, December 31, 2009

364 days ago, I blogged my New Year's Resolution, which was to (and I quote):
  1. Smile more, cause I'm not that generous with smiles. LOL.
  2. Lose weight. Enough said.
  3. Donate blood. God, is it so hard for me to actually donate blood?
  4. Be more active.
  5. Stop worrying about everything.
  6. Be friendlier.

In 2009, I have managed to:
  • Do Number 1, 2, 4 and 6. LOL. I know I've been more generous with my smiles this year. LOL. And yes, I have lost weight. I'm quite happy with my weight now. And i think I have been more active. I THINK. As for number 6, I'm proud to say that I've made new friends this year and I've opened up to some old ones. =)
  • Travelled alone to Australia. First time I've ever travelled anywhere alone. And the longest I've been away from my family. Yep. 17 days is the longest to date that I've been away from my family. LOL.
  • Gotten a new phone. AGAIN.
  • Changed how I look. =) But if some people think that just because I look better now, they can approach me and think I'm gonna forget how they used to screw me over last time, they are so, so wrong. I'm still the same person I was before, except with straight hair. It's annoying how people think they can approach me now just cause I'm supposedly prettier. Eh, if you've never approached me back then, what makes you think I'm gonna talk to you now? Yeah, you know who you are.
  • Gotten through an interview with confidence and without sounding like a total idiot. And ending up getting the job, too! =)
  • Gotten through the suckiest semester I've ever had in Monash with my average marks (and dignity) still intact. =)
  • Lose my baby boy. I love you so much, Dimitri. ='(

Actually, being able to wake up everyday is a mini-accomplishment, isn't it? LOL.

Here's to you, 2009. I'll miss you. =)

And here's to a great 2010 for everyone. Let's hope that every coming day will be better than the days before, but less than the days after. Like they say "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow". =)

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!

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With my beloved friend and her boyfriend, both whom I know will forever have my back.

Cepat la kahwin.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WARNING: Picture heavy post. Like more than 20 pictures. Seriously. Hahaha.

I got my paycheck todayyyyyyyyyyyyy. And they got my name right this time around!!!! YAY!!!!! =D

Oh, going to Taiping last weekend was fun, fun, fun!!!!! We walked around so much I think i could feel some pseudo-muscles building up in my calves. LOL.

Want to explain everything in detail, but I am just so lazy right now. Plus I tend to think and talk faster than I type, so it might be a bit hard for me to type everything down. Hahahaha.

Anyways, here are the pictures from the trip.

Basically from what I can see, our pictures from the trip is divided into two categories:

The pictures of the surrounding:

Basically these pictures are taken whenever someone says "Oh look at how pretty it is outside!" and someone with the camera will usually end up taking the picture of whatever it is outside that we find fascinating. Most of the pictures we took from both cameras are pictures like this. LOL. Looks nice to us, but might be a bit boring to others. Oh well. Whatever. To each their own! =)

This is actually the view of the sun rising from our house. I took this picture while I was waiting for everyone to pack their bags into the car. Nice right the view? =)

Random scenes from random places. =)

Funny story about this picture. We were going around some small road cause my dad wanted to explore something, and then because our car was so full of baggage, basically the suspension ended up scraping the road a bit. So we decided to get out and walk behind the car while my dad drove the car back to the main road. Yep, our mini adventure. Hahahaha.

think I was skipping in the background. I think. LOL.

OMG. This picture says that the McD is 0 km away but the McD is actually TEN KILOMETRES AWAY! The 1 in front of the 0 has mysteriously vanished. Lol. My dad actually saw the sign that said the McD was TWENTY KILOMETRES away before we saw this one 10 km after that one.

I don't think I've EVER seen a sign that said "McDonald's: 20 KM"

Do you know that I can count like 8 McD's within a 10 km radius of my house??? I feel like such a spoilt city brat now. Omg.

On our way back to KL from Taiping, we took a detour to Kuala Kangsar to see my dad's alma mater, the (in)famous Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

And i can't believe I'm saying this, but if I were a boy of school-going age, I would have LOVED to be in MCKK, just for the history and nostalgia of it.

Oh yes. The horror. I can't even believe I even thought of that because everytime someone says "MCKK", I make this face because my dad talks about it CONSTANTLY.

But I kinda get it now la why those from MCKK talk about their school with so much pride. LOL.

2nd category: Pictures of us. LOL.

This was taken one hour into our drive to Taiping. I decided to forego my contacts that morning cause I wanted to try to sleep in the car. LOL.

OMG. We realised that we are such townies when we saw these huge keropok ubi kayu and got so excited cause the size of the keropok was bigger than our faces!

Yep. Quite embarrassing actually. Hahaha.

At the Taiping Zoo, waiting for the Night Safari. Don't I look like a ghost in the last picture? It's scary! -__-

Up Bukit Larut aka Maxwell Hill. Nope. Didn't go all the way up. Would've taken the whole day!!!! LOL.

But it was fun to climb up the hill, nonetheless. =)

Random pictures. =) Would love to post up more, but I feel like they're too many photos already!

Somehow I don't think I should post these up on Facebook. I feel a bit weird doing that, like these are too personal. Yeah. I know posting these here is just the same anyways, but no matter, feels like it's better here than on fb. LOL.

Okay people. Nitenite. I has work tomorrow.

Love loads! =)

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Totally over-delayed post. LOL.  

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sorry I haven't been blogging but I kinda can't blog about work and work has been practically all that I have been doing, so yeah, didn't have much to blog about.

Plus work tends to suck the soul out of you everyday, so by the time I come back every night, I usually don't have the energy to write about how mundane my day was. LOL.

And I've also said that I have this terrible mood swings when it comes to blogging. When I do it, I do it all the time. When I stop, it might take me months before I do it again!

But OMG. I'm into WEEK 5 NOW! I am SOOOOOO proud of myself for not thinking about quitting everyday. Some of the things are quite enjoyable, actually. Wait. I can't believe I've just said that!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I think working has really screwed up my mind. When Ine messaged me the other day and called me BB (we're both totally straight, by the way, in case anyone started wondering. LOL. But we do have girlcrushes!), the only thing I could think of is "OMG. BB = Balance sheet & income statement section!"

And when my sisters were pointing at leaves on the trees during our trip to Taiping last weekend, the only thing I could think of when they said LEAVES was whether I was eligible for paid leave since I'm only gonna be working for two months.

See. Work has really screwed with my mind.

And you know what's really annoying? I was so excited today to get my first paycheck, and then I saw that they've misspelt my name on the cheque. As usual.

So of course la they have to reissue another cheque. The thing is, the person who's supposed to sign the cheque won't be around until the 31st, so while everyone else will get their pay by then, I'll only be getting mine next week. Joy.

I felt like crying just now. And it's not helping that it's that time of month again. Haih.

Oh well. C'est la vie. Things like this always seem to happen to me though.

Would really love to write a post about my trip to Taiping with the family over the weekend, but as usual, my internet's connection is being a sloth, so I can't upload pictures from the trip right now and well, talking about the trip isn't the same as posting up some pictures from the 1000+ pictures that we took during the weekend.

Yep. We had 2 cameras, and ended up with more than a thousand pictures over the span of 3 days. Hahahaha.

PS: I really am beginning to wonder just how many silent readers I have now cause it's funny that some people do comment when I don't update. LOL.

PPS: I just saw THIS and I was wondering how WEIRD it would be to print out your blog posts into a book. I mean, if you really want to do that, shouldn't you just buy a diary in the first place? It would be much cheaper.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Random questions/quotes from people this week:

Monday: "Why la did you go and straighten your hair? You had such nice curly hair" My dad's nurse, Sharon asked me while poking my arm to find a vein cause I had to do some blood tests. She's only the second person I know (next to my brother) who misses my old hair. Feels weird. I mean, I like my new hair, but it's nice to know that there were fans of the old hair. But I think I'll still be the same person even if I was bald. Lol.

Tuesday: "Eh, you mixed eh Alia?" asked one of my fellow interns in the office while we were sitting down after lunch. I still get confused when people asked me whether I'm mixed or not. I have gotten comments that I don't look pure Malay. But then again, how do you define a Malay face? I'm curious to know which part of my face doesn't look Malay. Hahaha.

Wednesday: "Eh, asal you dah putih? Ni takleh jadi ni! You pakai bedak kan???" asked Edir, (Liyana's boyfriend) when he picked us up from the office. I think it must have been the colour of my clothes that made me look pale, cause I had just prayed before he picked us up and I was too lazy to wear makeup on my face cause no one was gonna see it anyways, so if my face was as fair as he think it was, it must have been the light playing illusions on him.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I had my first day at work today. It wasn't a total disaster, but couldn't do much work today because of some technical difficulties (we were supposed to be doing our work on the co's laptops, but we're only getting the laptops tomorrow. LOL.).

Remember THIS post? I really want to give those people a piece of my mind, because out of the 20-something interns, I think around 40% of us are Malays. None of us seem to mind that we're not in a Malay-dominated workplace. In fact, only Sham, Liyana and I are Malays from "private" unis. The rest are public uni students.

I guess I won't be talking much about work on the blog cause it'll be so weird if any of the people from the company accidentally stumbles onto the blog. LOL.

Oh, anyways, there will always be random things you learn when you're a dad's a doctor. Like how I learnt today that there is this condition called Situs inversus, where the person's internal organs are actually transposed from their normal positions. Like how the heart, instead of being of the left side of the body, is located on the right side. The appendix is also inverted, and basically all the internal organs in the body will be the EXACT mirror of a normal person's organs.

Intriguing, huh? And the thing is, my dad has actually had a patient who has this condition!

So yeah, random fact of the day. LOL.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

This was taken in Putrajaya using my phone. Sorry for the bad quality. LOL. This trip has got to be one of the randomest trips we've ever taken as a family.

What happened was that my younger siblings wanted to go for a drive cause they were bored. I opted out, but in the end, since everyone was going, I went along la. Knowing that our late-night drives usually means that we'll be going around KL looking at lights and just staying in the car, I just wore a T-shirt and a pair of shorts that I would not be seen in public with.

By the time we were all in the car, it was already around 10 o'clock. Suddenly, I felt like I wanted to go somewhere far cause it felt so nice sitting in the car. So I asked my dad, instead of just going around the Bukit Bintang area like we always do, why don't we go somewhere further.

When my dad asked me where, I said I didn't know. LOL.

And then one of the girls said "Let's go Putrajaya!"

My dad was hesitant la. And then it just so happens that when we stopped at a traffic light, I noticed that car beside us had the number plate PUTRAJAYA. I told my dad about it and Anis said "It's a sign, Papa. Let's go to Putrajaya"

So yeah, guess where we ended up at eleven o'clock at night?

On the way to Putrajaya, my dad stopped by a petrol station to refuel and he bought us Lipton Green Teas & Ice Teas.

I SWEAR to you that Iskandar, Wani, Anis and I got high on those things.

We were giggling and talking nonsense all the way on the Maju Expressway until we got to Putrajaya. I kid you not.

And just my luck, after I finished off one bottle of the drink, I had the sudden urge to go to the toilet AFTER we've gone past the rest area. Typical.

And then when I told everyone in the car "Can we stop somewhere? I need to go to the toilettttt", Iskandar and Wani started saying the dreaded F and S words: Flush and Sprinkler.

Oh, they also pointed out that the Putrajaya Lake is a large body of water, using numerous ways to make me laugh, and pointed out that we went past a few fountains that were gushing out water. They did all this while I was trying to NOT think about going to the toilet. Evil children.

When we were near the Putrajaya mosque, I was mortified when my mum said "Alia, it looks like you might have to go to the toilet at the mosque". Not only was I not wearing a scarf, I was wearing SHORTS. -__-

Luckily just before the mosque, I spotted the universal stick-figure-wearing-a-dress sign and I almost screeched at my dad to stop the car.

So after that, we stopped at the Dataran and took those silly pictures above. All the people there were dressed decently and there we were in our baju tidur. It felt somewhat liberating, though. LOL.

We were obviously still high on sugar at that time.

But you know what was funny? On the way back, everyone suddenly felt so tired and we were quiet the WHOLE journey. And then it dawned on us that when we were going, we were feeling the effect of a sugar high and that on the way back we were feeling the effects of a sugar crash.

Oh yeah, too much of a good thing CAN be bad for you. LOL.

Yep. I love my family. They're random and impulsive, just like me. =)

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